The Fearless Musician offers an incredible and unique approach to help musicians overcome the negative habits that contribute to performance anxiety.

It is a fast and effective natural process and you can enjoy the benefits straight away from the comfort of your home without having to schedule expensive one to one therapy sessions.

Start enjoying your performances, create a fearless mind-set and have the confidence to be you, that unique and charismatic performer.

About The Programme

The Fearless Musician programme is made up of 7 individual talks and 3 self-hypnosis recordings that train your brain to overcome the habitual negative thinking patterns that contribute to performance anxiety and focus instead on more positive inner dialogues. Understanding why these negative inner voices have become so dominant will allow you, consciously and unconsciously, to disempower them and reduce their effect.

The gentle and uplifting hypnosis recordings will help you build inner-confidence, strengthen your point of focus and concentration and enable you to fully connect with and express your unique inner musician. You will learn powerful strategies that equip you with the resilience to feel safe in any given performing environment and discover techniques that promote positive and successful future outcomes.

Please listen to all of the days in order so that you can enjoy the full impact of the programme results.

On days 1, 3 and 7 there are self-hypnosis recordings that are relevant to particular days. Please listen to the first recording once you have listened to the day 2 talk. You can start listening to the second recording once you have completed day 3. Then, once you have listened to all 7 talks, you can listen to the last self-hypnosis recording. When you have completed all of the talks and recordings, you can mix and match the recordings to suit your particular needs and circumstances.

The recordings have been optimised for use with headphones.

1. The Power of Your Mind and the Science behind It

• Understand how the mind can hinder professional success and realise that it’s just a habit.
• Discover what neuroscientists call neuroplasticity and how to utilise this to be the fearless musician that you truly are.
• Learn why hypnosis is the most effective way of creating behavioural change and how you can apply it to your success as a musician.
• The first hypnosis recording is included today.

2. The Inner Dialogue Theory

Learn about the different personalities that manage your professional life. The voices that can negatively impact and inhibit your performance are listed below:

• The Inner Critic
• The Perfectionist
• The Pleaser

The aspect of your personality that decided to purchase this programme is the Authentic Fearless Musician that you truly are. This day along with the second recording is training your mind to feel the presence of this part so that it can become your professional spokesperson.

Please note: This day includes The Fearless Musician Questionnaire so that you can understand how anxiety plays a significant role in your professional life.

3. The Zone Training Technique

Being in The Zone is a brilliant performance technique that allows you to be in a space that gives you clarity, calm and logic whilst performing. It helps you to distance yourself from other people’s judgements and criticisms so that you can positively move towards a more successful performance.

Today you will receive the second self-hypnosis recording.

4. Dealing with Difficult People around You As You Become More Successful

This day is a quick pep talk about respecting that there will be people (sadly) with strong egos that can make life difficult for you professionally but how you deal with them is important and we are helping you create the tools you need.

Drains and Radiators – Spot the people who drain you from success and keep them at a distance, so you can spend your time attracting people who radiate.

5. The Shielding Technique

Learn how to create a shield to protect yourself so you can perform with more ease and calm, irrespective of who is in the audience or how many people are there.

This tool is an intangible tool that you can use for auditions, rehearsals and just when you need to keep yourself protected around certain people and in unknown arenas.

6. Finding Your Charisma Factor

This talk is about understanding that charisma is something we learn. We are not born with it. Charisma is the Extra X Factor that you can create to give you the edge as a musician. It’s the emotional and social intelligence that you are building as a successful musician.

7. The Future – The Mind’s Eye Technique

The Mind’s Eye is a wonderful hypnotic tool that trains the brain and body to trust in the future irrespective of your past. It is an integral part of your on-going success as a musician but also as an individual person.

Why Choose The Fearless Musician?

• In less than half an hour a day, you can start to minimise the effects of performance anxiety and move towards a more successful performance.
• Flourish professionally and perform with the charisma that is unique to you.
• Learn the powerful Inner Dialogue Theory that has changed thousands of Georgia’s clients’ lives all over the world.
• This programme is online and fully downloadable.
• Save time and money with no need for expensive one to one therapy.
• Risk free with our 60 days 100% money back guarantee.

The effects of performance anxiety can be debilitating. Obviously, there are techniques available to use in your practice that give you a feeling of security and it goes without saying that meticulous preparation is of paramount importance. However, no amount of practice can override issues of low self-esteem and in-built negative thinking which are major contributing factors of performance anxiety and have the power to demoralise the strongest of performers. Also, professional life as a performing musician rarely gives you hours of free time to spend in your practice room. It’s a fast-paced job that requires an ability to be versatile, to think quickly, to sight-read, to perform to the highest standard with minimal rehearsal time and to negotiate situations that can be both daunting and challenging.

The Fearless Musician, created by Georgia Foster, a leading hypnotherapist and Anna Ritchie, a professional violinist who understands the impact of performance anxiety, is a brilliant, positive and holistic self-hypnosis programme, which concentrates on the key issues of performance psychology.

Which Programme Shall I Buy?

The Standard Programme

  • 7 talks
  • 3 self-hypnosis recordings

The Standard Plus Programme

  • 7 talks
  • 3 self-hypnosis recordings
  • Georgia’s best-selling E-Book – The Stress Less Mind
  • 1 monthly self-hypnosis recording from our Mind Maintenance Programme – Shift Your Thinking to a More Positive Place after a Negative Performing Experience

The Standard Elite Programme

  • 7 talks
  • 3 self-hypnosis recordings
  • Georgia’s best-selling E-Book – The Stress Less Mind
  • 6 monthly self-hypnosis recordings from our Mind Maintenance Programme
    • Shift Your Thinking to a More Positive Place after a Negative Performing Experience
    • Calm the Physical Effects of Panic
    • The Essential Audition and Competition Mind Workout
    • Overcome Mistakes Mid-Performance
    • Memorise Music Successfully
    • Wave Goodbye to Self-Sabotage During Practice and Performance